Teaching in the Knowledge Society

With the dominance of information technology and e-governance, our information society is transforming to a knowledge society that shares, processes, generates, and supplies adequate knowledge (comes after receiving sufficient information) to all members for better and positive human condition. It is different from the information society. Information society serves information to transform society with effective action for positive social changes. On the other hand, knowledge society creates and disseminates information and raw data that emerges from the innovation of information technologies. Here education plays a significant role for creation, justification and dissemination of information and knowledge. Therefore, to execute all these things carefully and proficiently, state-of-the-art education is must. In this article, we will discuss on the required changes of teaching and learning in the upcoming knowledge society.

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To ensure up-to-the-mark education, we should undertake ‘knowledge society’ as a ‘learning society’ where information and knowledge must be created and processed in such a way so that education and learning can be maximised. Here creation and innovation must be stimulated and encouraged. Not only that innovation and creation is enough to attain sustainable growth and development, but also we need capacity to mange positive changes responsible for the development of the society. Teaching in a knowledge society involves cognitive learning that includes creativity and development communication in learning and education process. It deserves the ability and skill of working in teams and networks. It requires professional learning for solving problems and developing strategies for risk management. Most interestingly, this learning needs updated and upgraded education to cope with the changes in the ociety. This society must be prepared to change itself with the changing dynamics of technology, information, knowledge and education.

In this society, more emphasis is to be given on teaching values for ‘cultivating a cosmopolitan identity’, especially in the post era of successful implementation of globalization and liberalization. It highly supports diversity and recommends adoption from other cultures. It will acquire all education and learning to uplift agents (here students) to an international standard. In this society, all teachers must be responsible for developing not only intellectual capital but also social capital to set students well in this changed society. Here the role of a private tutor or home tutor is more than all other teachers, as in home tutoring a student gets more chance to stay connected with his teacher. Home tutoring involves one-on-one education model that gives teacher and student more chance to know one another very closely. As a private tutor gets opportunity to discover his students very well, he can instil the process and develop the required qualities and knowledge in his students so that they can cope with the social changes. Consequently, the students can set them very well in the changed society.

Home tutor in Kolkata can manage all these issues skilfully. Having all necessary things at their arms’ length, they can get to know about the upcoming changes. Consequently, private tutors in Kolkata shape the nature of teaching and instil it into their students. It will help students in Kolkata to be well set into the knowledge society.


Private Tutor Kolkata in the Information Society

We are living in an information society where the role of a responsible private tutor does not wait for an explanation. A good teacher can play a significant role in the transformation of an informative society to a knowledge society to reward us a healthy civil society where we can take individual decision that we think good for us without setting in under any political pressure or circumstance. We will be able to take decision on what is good for our society. It will run on fair dealing and forgiveness and ensure peace and prosperity for us. Before we get into our relevant topic, we should know what information society is. This will help us in the better understanding of our topic.

What is information society?

An information society is a society that emphasises the creation, dissemination, uses, integration and manipulation of information in its economic, political, and cultural activities. The main goal of this society is to gain competitive advantage internationally, using information technology (IT) (especially the Internet and mobile telephony) in a creative and productive way. In this society, information technology plays a significant role in transforming every aspect of cultural, political and social life, depending on the production and distribution of information.

Given bellow are the significant impacts that Information technology has on our society:
(1) Pervasive influence
(2) Stratification into new classes
(3) Loosening of the nation state’s hold on the lives of individuals

A teacher’s role starts from here. He can be a significant agent to inculcate the pervasive influence of IT on any individual. Being a man maker, a tutor can influence an individuals’ daily routine with the pervasive influence of information technology that helps our society to be advance and up-to-date with the go of the day. A private tutor can have more scope in manipulation, as his role includes one-on-one attention. He can be the most influential person in the transformation of a society. He can play an effective role to transform a society into an information society. He can take effective part to educate those who are information-poor. A private tutor can closely teach his students how to take the advantage of accessing information through various information technology media. He will help them how to use various information technology devices and motivate his students how to involve people in its networks.
Kolkata being the warehouse of information technology, the scope of taking part in this workshop is huge. Private Tutors in Kolkata can be effective and expert agents in transforming some Indian societies into information societies where we shall definitely have information-rich people to take effective part in making knowledge society. Private Tutors in Kolkata can take initiative to take India ahead of other developing countries that have been able to enjoy the utility aspects of development communication.

A good private tutor in Kolkata will educate information-rich people about four essential requirements mentioned below:
Equal access to education
Cultural diversity
Universal access to information (in the public domain)
Freedom of speech and expression (article 19 1 a)

He will educate people where and how to access information using various information media. A good home tutor in Kolkata should ensure the free flow of information and equitable access to data. He should teach each future agent, I mean his students, how to make sure best practices and enjoy utility aspects of e-governance to help information society gain knowledge in the most effective ways. He should make his students aware of the international consensus on newly required norms and principles. He would narrow the digital divide that accentuates disparities in development.

With the successful implementation and fair practice of development communication, we will have a great number of aware people in our knowledge society to bring about some positive social changes required in civil society.

The Role of a Good Private Tutor

Making a nation’s foundation strong, the importance of a good teacher and a responsible doctor does not wait for an explanation. Health and education are our two basic needs and major responsible areas that we must ensure to make our nation’s pillar strong so that under any circumstances its citizen do not succumb to anything. A doctor’s role is to reward a healthy nation. Similarly, a teacher plays a significant role in making his nation strong and fit. But with the changing dynamics of education, the method of teaching has received a bit change in its approach and functionality. Now to improve students’ aptitude and develop knowledge-base, more emphasis is given on one-on-one attention model. According to many highly qualified and most experienced private tutors in Kolkata, one-on-one education assistance is the only way of achieving world-class education and following the trend of global education.

Private home tutors in Kolkata opine that a good private teacher offers extra help and instruction to develop good study skills. He comes closer to his students to find out lacunae in them and assist them accordingly until they overcome all problems and difficulties in their studies. Unlike the traditional model of class-room teaching, where a teacher has to face around thirty pupils with different rates of learning abilities, strength and weakness, this one-on-one attention not only makes students ready for tests but also ensure their sure success. A good private tutor can make good lesson plans and strategic planning to place his students far ahead of their competitors. Apart from this specialized teaching, he helps in preparing school-works. He throws more lights on school tasks and other parallel studies to make sure advance and world-class education for the students so that they easily get into area of global education.
To make the matter more understandable, I mean to let you know the role of good home tutor let me answer you few questions.

Who is a home tutor or private tutor?
A home tutor or private tutor is a coach who offers individual guidance to his students, many times reaching at students’ places and sometimes at his own home. He counsels his students to proceed towards right direction.

What is basic difference between a teacher and a home tutor?
Though both of them are ‘a teacher’ and guide students but the basic difference is that we use the term ‘teacher’ for the school teacher who teaches students in a school. His duty is over when the school is closed. We call them home tutors who go to students’ homes for teaching purposes. But the duty of a home tutor starts at home and does not over until his students take release from him. He has to take much more responsibility than a school teacher.

  • The role of a good private tutor
  • Offer proper guidance to his students
  • Find out easiest ways to solve their problems
  • Ensure quality education for his students
  • Answer their queries
  • Solve any questions whenever they require for
  • Assist them to complete their school-tasks
  • Prepare them for various tests and examinations.
  • 24 hours care for his students.
  • Make his students good human beings

Each of these well-taught and well-educated human beings can be an effective agent to transfer our society to an informative society that in the long run may be a knowledge society. This knowledge society can bring forth a civil society to make its foundation strong. And the country will definitely be ahead of others.

Importance of an Ideal Tutor Bureau in Kolkata

Kolkata is a huge and the busiest city in India. Here a great number of multilingual people reside side by side with no knowledge of the residents dwelling just next to them. In this wide-spread metro city, citizens do not know many people spreading around him. They do not have full knowledge of the areas within and facilities that some significant places have to offer them.


Thanks to the internet and computer technology for making the task easier for us. By the grace of it, we get to know the important places, reputed service providers and their various advantages. Education is one of the most wanted services that undergo the area of our basic needs. To ensure its quality and transparency, the importance of a tutor bureau does not wait for an explanation. It can offer you your most desired teachers especially in a big metro city like Kolkata. An ideal tutor bureau can definitely ensure highly qualified and most experienced private tutors to make the foundation strong for quality education. It caters to the needs of the students, guardians and teachers to meet them exactly.

Discerning the necessity and utility aspects of an ideal tutor bureau in Kolkata, “English Home Tutor Kolkata” has been set up 2 months ago by a group of experienced private tutors in Kolkata. The aim of this organization is to exactly meet the purpose of quality education and more to make its foundation strong. It offers transparent information on private tuition in Kolkata. It suggests guardians and students specialist subject teachers according to their generic and specific needs.

Since the time of inception, its quest has been providing the citizen of Kolkata with qualified and experienced home tutors who can definitely ensure quality education and sure success for them. English Home Tutor Kolkata, the one and only ideal tutor bureau in Kolkata, offers you world-class education, state-of-the-art study materials and most dynamic home tutors who can help students get an edge over their competitors.  It functions as a hyphen between the students and private home tutors in Kolkata. Both the students and home tutors can come on this strong platform (online tutor bureau in Kolkata) to know each other and discuss their requirements. For the time being if they fail to meet their bespoke needs, they can advertise on our site, mentioning their specific needs.

Always mind it, choosing a great home tutor is matter of great concern that should not be treated lightly in any way. A wrong choice can spoil your child’s life. Therefore, be very careful before selecting a private tutor in Kolkata. The task becomes more difficult for you, if you are a new comer and know no one in the city. Therefore, the best way is getting a verified home tutor through an ideal teacher bureau in Kolkata. And English Home Tutor Kolkata exactly serves this purpose. We offer highly qualified and most experienced home teacher for the students belong to many quality schools in Kolkata. Get verified teachers from us for one-on-one attention, excellent scores and sure success of your children. We do not believe in showing off, we accept only proof and want to show you our quality thorough our works.

English Private Tutor in Kolkata


Hiring a private tutor for teaching English language to the students whose mother tongue is English is definitely a surplus demand. But getting an English private tutor or English language teacher for the students living in third world countries (like countries India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.) is definitely a necessity, as English is one of the most important subjects that require hard practice under the aegis of professionals and experts. Proper learning, good understanding, 360 degree guidance and full assistance can make students (belong to third-world country) proficient in it. They can even compete internationally with the English speaking students. They can dare to surpass the native speakers, if they learn it from an ideal expert. If you are from a third-world country and want to learn English expectantly, you can take the aid of English private tutors in Kolkata.

You can get best English tuition from them either online or reaching their places (if it is within your convenient and reachable distance). With the aid of state-of-the-art technology and one-on-one educational assistant model, they can teach students living in a distant place from Kolkata. Online private tutors in Kolkata have worldwide acclamation for offering students world-class education over the internet. Their proficiencies, expertise, levels of education and knowledge have enamored various students and groups spreading across the globe. Now English private tutor in Kolkata have been toppers’ choice. Private tutor in Kolkata

If you are in Kolkata, you can take the best opportunity and direct advantage of it. Mind it there are two groups of English Private Tutors in Kolkata. One group teaches students going to the students’ places. They are better known as private home tutors in Kolkata. Another group who teaches students at their own places is known as private teacher in Kolkata.

Anyway, many students in India and abroad take training from them to get confidence in English. A serious student gradually becomes expert as the consequence of his hard labor and top-notch quality education.
Now have your quick glance at the points mentioned below to know the advantages of English teacher in Kolkata.

One-on-one attention

The most significant utility aspect of private tutoring in Kolkata is one-on-one attention. This helps English teacher to take close look at their students. Teachers can easily find out the lacuna in their students. Many experts in this field say that this is the main reason of hiring private tutor. Apart from classroom explanations and support from parents, many students look for private tuition for the challenging subjects like English, math, and science.

Speed up students’ progress

English teacher in Kolkata speed up students’ progress, as the students get opportunities to stretch their potential up to 100 %. Not only English teachers help students stretch potentials but also aid them to shun their weakness by (teachers) identifying l lacunae and repairing them instantly.

Save time and labor

Getting a home tutor is always time saving. Parents need not take the headache of sending their children outside and think of them when they are outside their homes. Side by side, they do not need to labor for getting their children ready for classes or accompanying them till teachers’ home.
Take English training from English private tutors in Kolkata and get worldwide recognition.

Private Tutor in Kolkata

Are you looking for a private tutor around your home? Now it is easily available at your finger tips. Thanks to the internet, for enabling us doing this easily with our least possible effort. By the grace of the internet, we can easily find our desired teachers just sitting at the cozy corner of our drawing rooms.

With the availability of the internet and many other devices for accessing it, a lot of people across the globe are finding their best private tutors on it. They are browsing through the internet with their available devices like desktop, laptop, iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, iPod touch, tablet etc and choosing their desired home tutors with their least possible effort. Kolkata is not an exception.

Since the time immoral, Kolkata has experienced a rich culture of private tuition. The then time, only the rich and wealthy class could keep private tutor in KolkataPrivate Home Tutor in Kolkata. As the prominent example, we get to see that the noble laureate Bengali poet R.N. Tegore took his education at his home from his home tutor in Kolkata. We have retained this legacy since his time to date. Then middle class and lower-middle-class cloud not afford this. But with the increasing number of literate people, the availability of private home tutor in Kolkata has augmented. They are available at affordable prices. Consequently, private home tutors in Kolkata are easily accessible to all strata of society. Now middle class, lower middle class and even poor class people are looking for tutoring service at their homes. They are hiring highly qualified and most experienced teachers at their home. With this increasing demand, private tutors in Kolkata surely have a chance to gorge on the goodies. The more they are responsible and serious about their service, the more home tuitions they will definitely have. This is why most of the home tutors in Kolkata are highly responsible and careful about their students’ improvement and development. They fully utilize the pedagogy of one-on-one attention. The capable and successful teachers in Kolkata get more students than the others.

But it is an undeniable fact that there are some reputed and highly qualified home tutors in Kolkata who always look for intelligent students and more remuneration than the others. Being extremely well in their specialized domain and having high demand in the market, these private home tutors in Kolkata always look for intelligent students and never go to teach weaker students. Forgetting the more need of teaching weaker students, they always run after inelegant students for better reputation. But this is not the right way and desirable from an ideal teacher.

Now many families in Kolkata hire private home tutors to teach their children perfectly and carefully. An ideal teacher should always fulfill the purpose of private tutoring.

Now take a look at the purpose of private tutoring in Kolkata
• More close look at students’ performance
• Ensure one-on-attention for better performance and education.
• Practice and inculcate one-on-one attention concept.
• Find out lacuna and weaker points in the student to improve them accordingly.
• Make the students feel free before their teachers so that they can freely tell their problems and ask for suggestion and improvement.
• Help students get good marks in the examinations.
• Get in touch with advance education
• Make students aware of world-class education.

Private tutors in Kolkata do not believe in age old method of classroom teaching. They believe in one-on-one attention method and encourage it to make today’s students fully educated men in future. By the grace of this method, home tutors in Kolkata have been able to transform ordinaries into extra-ordinaries.

The Benefits of Getting a Home Tutor in Kolkata

Before getting into the main and relevant part of our discussion, I would like to throw some light on home tutoring. What is it? And what are the utility aspects of it?

Home tutoring is a form of tutoring offered to the students by home tutors going at their places. The necessity and demand of it is increasing day by day.

Getting a good and well rounded home teacher is always good for making a student’s base, especially now when the number of cheap public as well as private schools is growing by leaps and bounds. In many public schools, you will find inadequate number of teachers. Only one teacher is teaching as many as 30 students in a class. To offer your son or daughter education at the cheap fees, they are to keep fewer teachers than they exactly need. Therefore chances are lesser for your son or daughter getting a specialized care or tailored attention, unless the teacher is a close kith and keen of you. This kind of classroom tutelage fails to identify the specific problem areas in your son or daughter.

To get rid of this traditional model what you exactly need is a teaching method that exactly follows one-to-care model that is only possible when you get a qualified and experienced home tutor. When you get a private tutor at your home, your son or daughter receives one-on-one attention. It is highly advantageous for their learning and making the matter easier and understandable for them. In contrast to schools, institutions and other traditional education centers, home tutors can easily break the ice and became a friend, philosopher and guide of a student. He easily can chalk out the l lacunae in a student and repair them till he become efficient in the weak areas. A home tutor can easily asses all problems in a student. Therefore, a better sharing, understanding and learning go between them.

Good and dutiful private tutors make their pupils proficient in their specialized subjects and domains. Say for example, in a third world country like India, the culture of English is poor except in the major metro cities. Kolkata is a city in eastern India where culture of English looks good and impressive but the interior is hollow. If you are a Kolkatan, don’t take it otherwise. Here I mean the English medium school going pupils can speak English very well and sometimes they can write, but the true fact is that their writings lack grammatical knowledge. They can’t express them very well, as the expression come into their minds. After getting barred, their expressions and sentences come in a roundabout way that clearly makes the difference between a piece of writing written by an Englishman and an Indian. Therefore to make them tick and bring them under the arena of a world-class English culture, they need good English home tutors in Kolkata. We are a group of home tutors in Kolkata consisting of Math, Bengali, Computer, History and English home tutor. We also work as a tuition bureau in Kolkata.